Aquapure and Aquapure Soya

Natural technology

Water, made of two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms, origin of life on earth, covers about three quarters of our planet. Air, a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen with small amounts of water vapor, carbon dioxide and other gases, forms the atmosphere of the planet. From these two natural elements combined with high- tech polymers, a high performance and low environmental footprint foam is created, a material specifically pro-duced to be used in mattresses and pillows: AQUAPURE. The choice of AQUAPURE is the result of in-depth research, accurate testing and extremely advanced production processes, capable of combining sci-ence and nature in perfect synergy to improve wellbeing and the comfort of sleep.

AQUAPURE SOYA has nature in its soul

The next evolution of AQUAPURE is called AQUAPURE SOYA, a viscoelastic foam made from soy seeds, in contrast with traditional fossil polymers. The choice of this compound, made from renewable and non-polluting sources, is an eco-friendly solution to promote sustainable development and at the same time guarantee mental and physical wellbeing to recover your energy.

A “smart” reticular structure
Thanks to the distinctive “natural” reticular structure obtained... read more through the water-air- polymer (or soy seed extract) manufacturing process, AQUAPURE* was proven to have noteworthy ergonomic qualities, ideal for use in mattresses and pillows. Thanks to its mo-lecular structure, AQUAPURE* contours perfectly to the arch of the spine and to the different shapes of the body, for great pressure relief and ease of move-ment.

Perfectly shapeable
AQUAPURE* can be shaped according to several designs for the core of the mattress, offering countless solutions... read more for sleeping needs. Several core patterns make it possible to gauge the performance and re-sponse of the foam needed in each zone of the mattress, changing the raised pattern on the outside and allowing space for ducts, cavities and empty spaces inside. Even more personalized performance can be achieved by applying the aforesaid shaping techniques to AQUAPURE* sheets with different degrees of firmness on either side of the mattress.

A customized and healthy microclimate
AQUAPURE* is made of tiny open cells filled with air, interconnected... read more in all directions: the pressure exerted by the body causes both the contact surface and the material below to react together, preventing the for-mation of closed cells in the surface area, where air would not flow. In this way a balanced microclimate is achieved during sleep, as excessive humidity is not retained, but transferred progressively and naturally to the outside. In the same way, heat is not accumulated and is instead dispersed, an essential condition for wellbeing.

Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic
Thanks to its original properties, AQUAPURE* fights allergies... read more and creates an environment unsuitable for dust mite development. The foam is nontoxic and does not release volatile chemicals during its lifecycle.

Anti-microbial and hygienic
The controlled humidity microclimate promoted by AQUAPURE* contributes towards... read more the prevention of un-healthy micro- organisms. Therefore, AQUAPURE* is resistant to bacteria and moulds, it’s dust-proof, wards off bugs and parasites, and can be washed and sterilized.

Noiseless and electromagnetically inert
AQUAPURE* properties allow for the production of metal-free mattresses without forgoing performance... read more and wellbeing. Silence, so precious for a good sleep, is therefore guaranteed.The absence of metal stops elec- tromagnetic radiation and static going through the human body and causing stress and sleep disruption.

Light and functional
Thanks to its extremely low weight, AQUAPURE* contributes... read more to everyday tasks with unparalleled lightness, facilitating making the bed removing the cover for laundry, flipping the mattress head to foot and from winter side to summer side (and vice-versa).

No-choke and flame-proof
Thanks to its breathability, AQUAPURE* prevents accidental suffocation.... read more Due to its self-extinguishing nature (obtained without adding retardants that can cause toxic and corrosive fumes during combustion) AQUA-PURE* has passed the strictest flame-proof tests in Italy and in the world.

Proven performance and duration
The molecular structure of AQUAPURE makes it elastic and non-deformable over time,... read more a guarantee for qual-ity of sleep and product durability. A total of seven5,000 rollator test cycles have shown that the product is extremely resilient, retaining all its original properties and shape. Its flexibility also makes it suitable for use on adjustable bases. AQUAPURE* has passed numerous international tests (UNI EN ISO, DIN, BS, ASTM) certifying resistance, fatigue, compression, ageing and elongation.

Low environmental footprint, from production to disposal
AQUAPURE* is produced in a controlled environment without emission of noxious gases (CFCs).... read more The raw materials come from renewable sources, in accordance with the philosophy of sustainable development. All waste material is reusable for the following production cycle.

* Both standard and soy version.


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