Schoeller®-PCM™ Dynamic climate control.
Tiny microcapsules do all the work.

The main feature of this “smart” material is the active temperature compensation provided by the schoeller®-PCM™ foam. This property is based on Phase Change Material (PCM) technology developed for NASA. At a certain temperature PCMs change their molecular structure, in practice undergoing a change of state: from liquid to solid and vice versa.

How it works
PCMs are inserted inside microcapsules and set to a specific temperature range. If the body and/or contact temperature increases (red arrow) the microcapsules store the excess heat. When the temperature drops (blue arrow) they release the previously accumulated heat.

When there are significant fluctuations in temperature, we feel neither too cold nor too hot. Thanks to active compensation, an optimal and comfortable temperature is established to suit the user.

Other features of this technological material are just as valuable and useful: breathability, humidity regulation, odour neutralization thanks to an anti-microbial treatment, resistance to washing, cleaning and pressing.