Silverness® is a mattress cover produced with a special silver yarn that provides lasting protection against micro- organisms and dust mites. In addition, thanks to this silver- based material, the mattress helps your body discharge all of the static accumulated during the day, for a more relaxed sleep.

Silver natural properties
Silver properties were known and used thousands of years ago. Science has demonstrated that silver has medical properties, first and foremost fungicidal and bactericidal. Colloidal silver is a catalyst that eliminate an enzyme necessary for bacteria, fungi and viruses to survive. The positive effect of silver ions has been confirmed by several studies run by institutions around the world: among these, the Chemistry and Biotechnology Department at La Sapienza University of Rome. Benefits from ionic exchange in silver are unaffected even after repeated wash cycles at 60° C.

Anti-microbial, anti-odour, and anti-dust mite properties of Silverness®
A test was run by the Japan Spinners Inspection Foundation to assess anti-microbial and anti-odour qualities of this fabric. Results showed a 60% reduction of bacterial activity, way above the minimum 26% reduction required. This impressive outcome demonstrated the great effectiveness of this cover in fighting bacteria proliferation and therefore removing the main cause of bad odours. Silverness®, thanks to the properties of silver, is capable of drastically reducing dust mite population, the main cause behind many allergies, to ensure a healthy and calm sleep. Tests performed by independent laboratories (Laboratoire T.E.C. – Techniques Environnement Consultants, France) have shown a 92% reduction in the number of dust mites after six weeks (corresponding to two reproductive cycles in the climatic conditions of the test).

Antistatic and anti-stress properties
Electromagnetic pollution is very harmful to the human body and can have a negative effect on our sleep. The high electric conductivity of silver yarn addresses this problem. In addition, the very structure of Silverness® fabric improves the release of static. As a result, Silverness® guarantees a deep and relaxed sleep, reducing tossing and turning and preventing dust accumulation in the mattress due to static.

Silverness® is safe
Silverness® has been tested and it is in no way harmful for humans, as certified by independent labs.