Bodyform HD and Bodyform HD Soya & Aloe


BODYFORM® HD is an entirely innovative material, a technological spill-over from NASA research.As is often the case, BODYFORM® HD viscoelastic foam was first used in the medical field due to its exceptional performance in pressure relief and peripheral circulation stimulation. It was then introduced into the production of high-tech mattresses and pillows to significantly improve wellbeing and comfort during sleep.The decision to use a material like BODYFORM® HD is a clear sign of guaranteed and certified professionalism, the result of experience and state-of-the-art production procedures, carried out with the greatest respect for humans and the environment.

BODYFORM® HD Soya & Aloe has nature in its soul

The evolution of BODYFORM® HD is called BODYFORM® HD SOYA & ALOE, a viscoelastic foam made from soy seeds instead of traditional fossil polymers. The choice of this compound, made from renewable and non-polluting resources, is an eco-friendly solution to guarantee mental and physical wellbeing to recover your energy and at the same time promote a sustainable development.

The discovery of viscoelasticity: different responses to different pressures

The unique properties of BODYFORM® HD make it seem like some kind of “alien” material from a science fiction movie. In reality, it is the result of organized and in-depth studies aimed at synthesizing a material with extremely low resilience, capable of deforming and returning to the original shape in a gradual and controlled way. This was made possible by mixing basic elements like water and air with high-tech polymers. No harmful expanding agents or noxious substances that could affect the ozone layer are used in the foaming process. The result is an innovative foam which is both viscous, thus highly malleable, and elastic.


BODYFORM® HD* is heat-sensitive... read more: heat makes it softer and able to perfectly contour to the body.

Pressure relieving effect

The full impact of BODYFORM® HD*’s physical- mechanical properties... read more can be understood by looking at the effects on a body in repose. When weight and heat come into contact with this material, it distributes pressure evenly over the entire surface of the body to prevent any part, especially areas normally compressed between the bone structure and the mattress, from being subject to excessive load.

Improved circulation, increased wellbeing, more rest
Well-distributed pressure prevents tingling and numbness and, interestingly... read more, greatly reduces tossing and turning in bed. Clinical research has shown that on average people sleeping on this material move about 75% less than those sleeping on a traditional mattress.The quality of sleep benefits significantly.

This feature is essential to prevent localized pressure... read more, the main source of bedsores and the reason behind BODYFORM® HD’s* original success in the medical field.

Self-shaping properties
BODYFORM® HD’s* unique capacity to deform into the shape of the body prevents... read more – and is an essential aid in treating – spine conditions (such as stiff neck or back pain) and sore joints. These can be caused or worsened by incorrect sleeping positions and/or excessive pressure on already sensitive or inflamed parts of the body.

An antigravity feeling
By adapting to the body in an intelligent and highly personalized way... read more , BODYFORM® HD* frees it from tension, reducing stress for muscles and nerves to a minimum and increasing wellbeing, with a sense of floating similar to the absence of gravity.

Balanced microclimate
The structure, formed by tiny open cells linked to one another... read more, combined with a convoluted surface and the presence of micro pinholes, make this material an excellent example of breathability. BODYFORM® HD* helps to create and maintain a balanced microclimate during sleep, as excess humidity is not retained but transferred progressively and naturally away from the body. In the same way, heat is not accumulated, but rather dispersed, an essential condition for a wellbeing feeling.

Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic
Thanks to its original properties, BODYFORM® HD* does not cause allergies... read more and is an unsuitable micro-environment for dust mites. Due to its composition, the material is non- toxic: BODYFORM® HD* releases no harmful volatile substances during its entire life cycle.

Anti-microbial and hygienic
The low humidity microclimate favoured by BODYFORM® HD* helps to prevent... read more the formation of unhealthy microorganisms. Therefore, BODYFORM® HD* is not easily attacked by bacteria or moulds. It is dust-proof, and totally resistant to insects and parasites.

As for all components of a product intended for sleep and rest... read more, all the original and useful properties of BODYFORM® HD* would be pointless if it were not also completely noise- free.

Elasticity and low resilience
The unique cross-linked structure makes BODYFORM® HD* elastic and capable of returning... read more slowly but surely to its original shape. Rigorous inspections and specific tests (seven5,000 pounding cycles) have shown that the product retains over time its original physical-mechanical properties and shape, guaranteeing and safeguarding the quality of sleep and the durability of the product.Thanks to its flexibility, it is also suitable for use on adjustable bases.

Thanks to the extremely advanced production methods and the very nature of the material... read more (water, air and high-tech polymers or soy seeds) BODYFORM® HD* can be rightly defined a product with low environmental impact.

* Both standard and soy versions.