Metal frame bases

Only high-quality materials and components with excellent resistance and durability are used to manufacture SOMNIUM bases. The slats are built with a laminate system and are curved using steam to keep their elasticity over time. Laminate wood also complies with the current European standards of consumer health.The frame is coated with eco-friendly coatings and methods.
These bases are distinguished by a range of unique features that make them the ideal complement for an optimal bed system.


Wooden frame and slats, appropriately insulated with an oscillating thermoplastic rubber (TPE) joint, do not cause any friction.


Dirt can be removed using even water-based solutions, with no risk that residual humidity causes oxidation and damages the mattress.

Ability and elasticity

The base is resistant to any type of impact and deformation. Slats are made with several layers of top- quality wood, bonded under high pressure, for a lasting elastic effect.


The elegant and fine design and neutral colour blend with any type of furniture.


Sophisticated firmness-adjustment sliders can be used to customize the base support in the lower back area, in relation to the user’s weight and sleeping posture.

The shoulder area is supported by soft thermoplastic rubber (TPE-E) triple suspensions for a better posi-tioning of the shoulder when sleeping on the side. This solution prevents shoulder compression and subsequent incorrect spine posture and avoids poten-tial blood circulation problems.

These new suspension designs form a double layer base that, when not in use, significantly reduces the number of contact points between slats and mattress.This allows for a better air flow during the day, to facilitate the dispersion of moisture accumulated during the night.

The peculiar shape of the protruding slat suspensions ensures the edge of the mattress is supported appropriately.

The close proximity of side suspensions at the centre of double bases guarantees the flexibility and uni-formity of the base.

These triple suspensions made of thermoplastic rub-ber (TPE-E) allow each group of slats to move both vertically and horizontally to adapt accurately to the body shape and posture.

Kit is made of a switchboard and a receiver.
Batteries: 2 x AAA
Kit is made of a switchboard and a receiver.
Batteries: 2 x AAA
Wireless control system

The elegant remote-control system for motorized adjustable bases is handy and easy-to-use and it can be placed anywhere. It’s possible to control two bases at the same time if combined with the double link wire (available upon request). A socket connection for the switchboard, with emergency button and LED control light, is provided. It can be installed after the purchase of the base.

Double link wire

This allows you to control two motorized adjustable bases at the same time with a single switchboard. It can also be used with the infra-red remote-control. It can be installed after the purchase of the base.