This fluid is produced by specific secreting tissues inside the bark of a tall stemmed plant, Hevea Brasiliensis, which grows spontaneously in the equatorial forests of Brazil and is cultivated today in many African and Asian countries with a tropical-equatorial climate. This watery whitish fluid is composed of about 40% rubber. The remaining part is water and a small quantity of enzymes, fats, proteins and minerals. The harvest starts when the plant is 5 years old by making spiral cuts in the bark and placing a bowl at the base to collect the fluid as it flows down. To keep the latex flowing, cuts are renewed every 48 hours by removing a small strip of tissue of about 1 millimetre thick. The plant can be “milked” from 100 to 140 times a year for about 20 years. About 3 kg of dried rubber can be obtained from each plant in one year. Natural latex is then mixed with other elements and air is added to transform it into foam. It is then injected into special moulds and vulcanized to obtain a compact, elastic and resilient product that is ideal for making mattresses and pillows. The sense of pleasure, comfort and rest perceived when using these products is due to the exceptional qualities of the latex foam.

Adequate ventilation
Latex is formed by millions of interconnected open cells... read more in a system of micro-channels optimized by the ventilation pinholes in the latex sheet.These properties ensure maximum breathability and hygroscopicity, which helps release humidity and regulate body heat in the contact points. As latex is extremely elastic, pressure exerted by the body causes both the contact surface and the material below to react together, preventing the formation of closed cells in the surface area.

Elasticity and resilience
When lightly compressed, latex is soft, immediately contouring... read more to the shape of the body and head. However, when further compressed, it still offers good firmness and support. This results in a perfect and quick adaptation and compensation to weight and pressure.

Ergonomic and anti-bedsore
The sheets of latex foam are made into several shapes,... read more with varied degrees of firmness and/or with different pinholes sizes, in order to adapt to the shape of the body, supporting each part correctly.These solutions prevent the formation of bedsores.

Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and hygienic
Latex is not harmful and has no side effects like allergies.... read more The latex used in SOMNIUM mattresses and pillows is certified by EUROLATEX ECO STANDARD and OEKO- TEX, as it has been tested for toxicity and volatile compound emission. It neither attracts nor creates dust, so it’s resistant to bugs and parasites, it’s bacteriostatic (inhibiting the growth of bacteria) and bactericide (killing bacteria). It can be washed and sterilized.

Non-deformable and unchangeable
Latex is made mainly of rubber, the quintessential elastic material,... read more and retains its initial shape and firmness even after prolonged and intense use.All SOMNIUM products obtain excellent results in ASTM, DIN, ISO, NEM and UNI international tests for resistance, fatigue, compression, ageing and elongation.

Eco-friendly and recyclable
The only expanding agent used to produce latex foam is air;... read more this avoids the use of polluting agents harmful both to man and the environment (such as CFCs). Production waste are routinely recycled in various ways, while used products can be utilized as an alternative source of energy.

Noiseless and no-choke, anti-static

respiro® is a new generation of latex sheets, designed by Somnium® to satisfy the basic principles of ergonomics: biomechanics and micro-climate.The micro-climatic properties of a high-quality mattress must prevent heat accumulation and, therefore, excessive perspiration, which is the primary cause of moulds and bacteria.The ingenious ventilation system of respiro®, composed of a network of pinholes in addition to the conventional ducts with blind holes, facilitates continuous ventilation inside the mattress to ensure correct temperature regulation, dispersal of natural body perspiration while at the same time preventing the proliferation of bacteria. The biomechanics in a mattress ensure the correct position of the human spine both for those who sleep on their back and those who sleep on their side, and they relieve pressure in the contact points between body and mattress.respiro® achieves this perfectly with seven different comfort zones and a special convoluted surface texture that both soft to the touch and progressively resistant when subject to pressure. Moreover, with respiro®, changing position during sleep requires less effort so that you wake up full of energy.

Standard ducts with blind pinholes slow down the air flow.

Vertical ducts with pinholes: total ventilation.

The pinholes and the unique surface shape guarantee that heat and perspiration are well balanced. In the shoulder area these ducts direct and distribute air and moisture both vertically and horizontally.


Respiro 100% Macro - Perforated natural Latex

Respiro STD Macro - Perforated Latex

Somnium Latex and Reshape Sonocore

Standard Latex