Bonnell Springs

Bonnell Springs: optimal comfort

Among the various components that determine quality in a mattress, springs play a primary role. Bonnell type springs are known to offer top performance and comfort. The use of Bonnell springs is recommended for those who prefer sleeping on spring mattresses over other solutions.This technology is also extremely useful in beds where the frame design prevents or reduces correct air flow. Each hourglass shaped coil is made of patented spring steel wire that has been subjected to quenching to make it non-deformable. Springs are assembled with a helical, a tightly coiled steel wire, which guarantees perfect cohesion and optimizes the combined action of the springs.

Maximum breathability
The mattress core is virtually empty, made of about... read more 95% air inside each coil and guarantees a healthy microclimate during sleep. Humidity is therefore easily transported to the outside and not retained, nor is heat accumulated, essential conditions for wellbeing.

Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic
Steel does not cause allergies, and, thanks to the empty structure,... read more it does not constitute a suitable environment for dust mite proliferation. Moreover, steel coils release no volatile toxic chemicals.

Anti-microbial and hygienic
Metal itself is immune to bacteria and moulds and is extremely hygienic,... read more as it neither attracts nor creates dust and is resistant to bugs and parasites.

Unalterable steel
The quality spring steel and the rigorous assembly process have allowed... read more the product to pass strict tests showing that it retains its original properties and shape over time. A precise guarantee to safeguard the quality of sleep and durability of the mattress.

Low environmental footprint
Due to the very nature of the materials used, coils are 100% recyclable,... read more with maximum respect for the balance of nature.


Mini-bonnell Springs and Aquapure Soya

Mini-bonnell Springs and Elastocell (massaging)

Mini-bonnell Springs and Elastocell (standard)

Thickened Bonnell Springs (standard)

Bonnell Springs and Aquapure Soya

High-density Bonnell Springs and Elastocell (massaging)

High-density Bonnell Springs and Elastocell (standard)