Woolmark, sleep tight with pure new wool

The “Sleeping Comfort Study”, carried out by The Woolmark Company in collaboration with the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Health Sciences, demonstrated, using a measure of comfort during sleep (Thermal Comfort Rating System), that the use of products made with pure new wool allow for a healthier and more natural rest.

Tests on pure new wool products and other fibre products have been conducted in multiple environmental conditions (variable temperature and humidity) in order to determine the comfort levels of the subjects.

These tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of pure new wool products:

  • better airflow compared with synthetic materials;

  • increased duration of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep phase, with benefits to the subject’s rest;

  • temperature regulation properties that ensure a quick adjustment of body temperature to reach, and maintain, the ideal conditions for sleep.

Advantages of pure new wool mattresses

Quality of sleep can be measured with one of the main human body parameters: heartbeat.
According to several reports by the Hohenstein Institute, sleeping in a hot and/ or humid environment can cause irregular heartbeat.
Pure new wool can naturally control the bed temperature, absorbing and dispersing sweat and steam, adapting to any individual.
This property helps maintain a regular heartbeat and favours a regenerating rest.

Mattresses made with pure new wool have:

  • unique thermal insulation properties: the molecular structure of wool fibre, its length and its natural waviness, withhold air effectively and facilitate uniform heat distribution;

  • ability to absorb humidity up to 30% of its own weight before becoming wet, while dispersing it in the surrounding air, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment.

Pure new wool paddings are furthermore antistatic, biodegradable, eco-friendly and recyclable.

Advantages of WOOLMARK labelled mattresses.

The WOOLMARK label can be used only on products made with pure new wool where it guarantees quality and reliability. Only licensed companies are authorized to affix this label on their products.
Mattresses with this label have undergone strict tests and must comply with the requirements set forth by The Woolmark Company.