Pocketed Springs and Micro-pocketed Springs

Pocketed Springs maximum rest

Pocketed and independent coils are the best choice available today to make spring mattresses of extremely high-quality with an excellent degree of personal comfort. This solution has made a significant mark on the evolution of springs, enhancing their advantages with modern developments, new production methods, and selected materials, in perfect synergy between tradition and technology. The unique performance of individually pocketed coils is a result of the specific construction criteria and selected materials. The pocketed and individual springs are especially suitable for those who prefer sleeping on spring mattresses over other solutions. Moreover, this type of spring is fundamental for beds where the frame design prevents or reduces correct air flow.

Comfort comes from ergonomics
The design of this spring system complies fully with... read more the principles of ergonomics: each coil works individually and independently, providing each spot with total freedom of movement; tests have shown that with increasing pressure, coils get firmer, contributing towards the best personalized comfort. In fact, the surface of the mattress only sinks where pressure is applied, and it contours to the shape and posture of the user.

Optimal adaptation to the spine
The collective dynamic progressive behaviour of the multiple coil... read more structure offers excellent support and adapts perfectly to the shape of the spine in whatever position the body assumes, frequently unintentionally, during sleep.

The right pressure for the whole body
A mattress with this system supports the weights of different parts of the body... read more (back, hips, limbs) in a balanced way, regardless of the total weight of the user. The result is perfect pressure relief on the entire body, preventing blood circulation issues and guaranteeing the best comfort at all times.

Maximum breathability
The mattress core is virtually empty, made of about 95% air inside... read more each coil and guarantees a healthy microclimate during sleep. Each movement, compressing and releasing the coils, generates a “pump” effect that ventilates the entire mattress. Humidity is therefore easily transported to the outside and not retained, nor is heat accumulated, essential conditions for wellbeing.

Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic
Encased steel springs do not cause allergies and, thanks to the empty structure,... read more do not constitute a suitable environment for dust mite proliferation. Moreover, steel coils release no volatile toxic chemicals.

Anti-microbial and hygienic
Metal itself is immune to bacteria and moulds and is extremely hygienic.... read more It’s dust-proof and is resistant to bugs and parasites.

Absolute balance and noiselessness
Since each coil moves individually, pocket by pocket,... read more with no friction between each another, the mattress is totally noise-free. The sleeper’s normal movements do not cause vibrations inside the mattress, nor swinging that could be perceived by a partner on the other side of the bed. Movements are instead guided and sustained at each contact point.

Unlimited elasticity
The high quality and specific natures of spring steel and the encasement fabric,... read more the unique pre-compression assembly process, and the individual and combined action of the coils, all contribute towards an exceptional elasticity. In-depth tests performed by the renowned German Institute LGA (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern) have shown that the system has a high retention of its original properties (height, hardness and elasticity gradient). A precise guarantee to safeguard the quality of sleep and durability of the mattress.

Low environmental footprint
Thanks to the production methods and the very nature of the steel and... read more encasement fabric, pocketed springs are made with respect for nature and are highly recyclable.


Spring’s time® is the latest construction method developed by Somnium® for the production of pocketed and micro-pocketed springs mattresses, offering significant improvement to the ergonomics, noiselessness, and durability of the mattress.
Springs manufactured with the Spring’s time® system are different from standard springs thanks to the use of the following construction principles:

Three different coil gauges to generate differentiated support levels.
This solution allows for an extremely ergonomic spring system,... read more since it enables each of the seven comfort zones in the mattress to support and accommodate the body weight distribution correctly. No longer a simple variation between soft and firm springs, this system adapts more precisely to our body shape and the position we sleep in.

Anti-noise pockets.
The springs are contained in pockets made from a special... read more needle-punched soft fabric particularly noiseless when moving.

Steel perimetral support.
A perimetral rod prevents the springs from collapsing towards the middle... read more of the structure and keeps them at the correct distance from their neighbours and in the correct vertical position. Thanks to this solution, unnecessary friction between springs is avoided and the durability of the mattress core is guaranteed.


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Micro Pocketed Springs seven comfort zones

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Pocketed Springs seven comfort zones