Top comfort. Top performance. Fresh, dry and odour-free

Dri-release™ is a unique fabric that feels like cotton and, applied to Somnium products, keeps the sleeper fresh and dry, preventing unpleasant odours. It is manufactured with a patented yarn made of a special fibre mixed with cotton. This combination provides significant absorption and softness properties. The fabric is treated with Freshguard™ for the complete elimination of all odours.

Proven advantages of its adoption
Tests have shown that dri-release™ fabrics dry off four times faster than cotton and much faster than some synthetic fibres. The patented humidity transfer system uses the properties of cotton (present in small amounts), to absorb humidity, and those of the special co-polymer fibre to push moisture towards the outside layers of the fabric. From here it evaporates quickly. In this way the fabric does not saturate and the microclimate between skin and fabric stays cool and dry.

Cotton absorbs and saturates, preventing humidity transfer. The microclimate between skin and fabric becomes warm and damp.
Dri-release™ allows humidity to evaporate quickly from the skin through the fabric.

Long-lasting performance, wash after wash.
Unlike in other fabrics, treated on the surface, the comfort of dri-release™, stays unchanged through time. This quality is intrinsic to the structure of the yarn.