High-tech padding addressing the need for a good protection from uninvited guests, with a touch of ingenuity.

SilverActive is a special padding combining the technical performance of Trevira® Bioactive with the natural features of organic fibres such as farmacott® anti-dust mite cotton and the eco-friendly Mais Fibra, made from natural sources. The high hygroscopic properties make it the only hypo- allergenic padding capable of ensuring a cool and dry microclimate. It can also be washed with water at high temperature.

Below is a short description of the three materials.

Trevira® Bioactive is a bioactive hygienic fibre with a permanent antimicrobial effect, certified by the Hohenstein Institute.

  • It stops bacteria proliferation, even in the perfectly hot and humid conditions of a bed, preventing bad odours;

  • it helps to make the mattress feel cool and clean;

  • it’s completely compatible with human skin.

Silver ions on ceramic supports in action. While totally harmless for human skin, they are very effective against microorganisms.

In Trevira® Bioactive fibres, the polymer is combined with silver ions on ceramic supports that do not deplete over time. This solution is what makes the antimicrobial action permanent and resistant to water. Trevira® Bioactive is safe to use and guarantees results.

Farmacott® - anti-dust mite cotton
This trademark represents a natural purified and deactivated cotton fibre which permanently prevents the formation and proliferation of moulds and interrupts the life cycle of dust mites. As fungi and dust mites cannot develop, their excretions, the main cause of allergies, also disappear. This specific property of farmacott® is achieved with an innovative treatment capable of almost totally removing the organic cells found in raw cotton that can provide a fertile ground for the proliferation of various types of microorganism. The intensive treatment is performed using active ingredients that are totally harmless to humans and the environment.

Mais Fibra®
A true sustainable solution, it’s a new fibre made from a totally natural and renewable source, maize.This fibre is hypo-allergenic and ensures softness, resilience, and has excellent hygroscopic properties. It provides comfort and great performance with a 100% natural material.