The quality of Somnium rest

An appropriate solution

Sleep is essential for our health. While we sleep our body works constantly to consolidate our memory and prepare our body for awakening, and to recover energy and repair damaged tissue.This is done through the activity of glands that produce regenerating substances.When we sleep too little or poorly, we feel the consequences: we struggle to focus, we still feel tired, irritable and often bad tempered when we wake up. Moreover, it has been ascertained that sleeping badly causes our body to age prematurely. By sleeping in an incorrect position, our muscles are forced to make continuous corrections, causing the body to undergo unnecessary corrections, mainly affecting neck and back.

To recover our psychophysical wellbeing, we must sleep in optimal conditions.The amount and quality of sleep depend on personal factors such as health, stress and life-style, environmental factors such as noise, temperature, light, etc, and, last but not least, the conditions of our bed system including base, mattress and pillows. The system must correctly respond to the shape and posture of our body. The Somnium bed- system has been carefully designed to guarantee excellent ergonomic support to the natural curve of the spine and provide maximum comfort.

Effective support

Research into ergonomics has shown how important it is to carefully choose a bed system, as each component is fundamental for the quality of sleep.The secret of choosing well lies firstly in the base, which must keep the mattress stable when in use and make sure it performs its function correctly. In fact, a poor quality or unsuitable base may prevent perfect relaxation of the spine.The ideal surface has been found to be composed of wooden slats that have not been treated with any substances harmful to our health. Wood is a non-conductive material. It prevents the formation of magnetic fields and the build-up of static while fostering the evaporation of body perspiration. It offers excellent support in any sleeping position.

The importance of mattress and pillow

The human spine has evolved to maintain an erect position and is forced to adapt to gravity when in other positions, such as seated or lying down. If the surface is too hard, it is forced to modify its sinusoidal form, which cuts off the blood supply to capillary vessels in the areas that are resting on the surface, causing circulation problems. On the other hand, if the surface is too soft, the spine is not supported adequately so the body sinks in and the muscles stiffen.An unsuitable mattress can worsen sleeping conditions, hampering and slowing down peripheral blood circulation. Therefore, a surface that is either too soft or too hard is a threat to the wellbeing of the back.A study carried out by researchers from the CENTRE HOSPITALIER UNIVERSITAIRE DI MONTPELLIER showed significant improvements in the quality and duration of sleep when a used mattress was replaced with a new one.

Although aware of the importance of sleep, many people do not realize that as their mattress ages, it loses its original qualities. Frequently, what seems to be a sleep or health problem is simply a mattress problem.After 8/10 years of use, even the best mattresses should be replaced. Mattress ageing is determined by its hygiene as it goes through daily use, for instance, the natural flaking of the skin and the perspiration of about 1 litre of sweat every three nights. It is also essential to combine the right pillow with the mattress. In fact, a badly supported cervical spine may cause arching in the lumbar region, which in turns could cause health problems. Somnium is able to satisfy the various habits and needs linked to body structure and personal preference. It is important to choose a pillow that correctly fills the space between head and back for those who sleep on their back, or the gap between head and shoulder for those who sleep on their side.