Memory STD and Memory STD Soya & Aloe

An embrace with stabilizing effect

It’s a viscoelastic foam created with high-tech polymers using natural elements like water and air. Despite having particular characteristics that are different compared to BODYFORM® HD, it also contours to the body to better sustain it while significantly improving comfort.

In the Soya version, fossil polymers are partially substituted by materials made from soy seeds and other organic sources.The use of components made from renewable sources is a sustainable choice with lower environmental impact. The inclusion of extract of Aloe Barbadensis Miller (AloeVera) in the foam causes the release of beneficial substances and a pleasant scent, making sleep particularly comfortable.

Slow memory for a shaping effect

This viscoelastic material, malleable and with very low resilience... read more , has the ability to deform and return to its original shape in a gradual and controlled way

From the medical field to home applications

Used initially in the medical field to prevent bedsores and stimulate... read more peripheral circulation, the material has become widely used to manufacture high-tech mattresses and pillows to significantly improve wellbeing and comfort.

Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic

This hypo-allergenic material releases no harmful volatile substances during its entire life cycle.

Optimal weight distribution, no tingling and maximum rest

When the body comes into contact with this material, pressure is distributed evenly over the entire surface... read more, preventing tingling and numbness and, interestingly, greatly reducing the need to toss and turn in bed.The material frees the body from tension, reducing stress in muscles and nerves to a minimum and increasing wellbeing with a sense of comfort similar to the absence of gravity.

Ideal microclimate

The unique structure makes it breathable and guarantees an ideal micro-climate... read more , during sleep, as excess humidity is not retained, and heat is dispersed.

Slow return, but guaranteed over time

Rigorous inspections and specific tests (60,000 pounding cycles) ... read more have shown that the product retains over time all of its properties as well as its shape.