Bodyform Care Pillows

Bodyform® Care is a completely innovative material, the result of the most recent technological advance-ments in the industry. This foam enjoys both the viscoelastic features of Bodyform®, i.e. the ability to deform and slowly return to the original shape, and exceptional performance in terms of breathability and washabil-ity.A material therefore able to ensure at the same time the best comfort, a cool and dry micro-climate, and total hygiene.

The graph highlights how Bodyform® Care and Aquapure® Gel Foam heat up much slower than other materials. In addition, it shows how memory foam cools down to the initial temperature very slowly.

The graph highlights how Bodyform® Care and Aquapure® Gel Foam have a much higher degree of breathability when compared to other materials, especially memory foam.

Bodyform® Care can be safely laundered at up to 60 °C.With this in mind, a specific netted bag to be used during washing and drying process is provided with the pillow.

Lenticular model
Anatomical model

Horizontal surface ducts, with variable depth, create an exclusive convoluted surface that, together with the highly porous foam, allows a continuous air flow inside the pillow and ensures a suitable temperature regulation and moisture dispersal, for a healthier sleeping environment.

Lenticular model: Horizontal surface ducts of variable depth create a unique convoluted surface that improves comfort significantly by generating a massaging effect that relaxes the neck muscles.

Anatomical model: the unique anatomical shape helps to maintain a correct position of the neck and shoulders and, together with the unique convoluted surface created by horizontal surface ducts of variable depth, generate a massaging effect which helps relax the neck muscles. Different heights allow the user to personalize the experience.


Hypo-allergenic/lenticular model

Hypo-allergenic/anatomical model