We use only single fabrics, double elastic fabrics and elastic terry in natural cotton fibre and/or high-quality fabric with hygroscopic fibres. On some products we use blends of cotton and viscose, made from cellulose from cotton linters or wood pulp, to make the fabric shinier but with the same absorption properties. Elasticized covers used in most Somnium products enhance their ergonomic performances, adapting perfectly to the shape of the body. Fabrics in Somnium mattresses may have undergone innovative and exclusive anti-dust mite, anti-microbial and anti- mycotic treatments. Sanitized® provides a lasting protection against dust mites, fights the formation of unpleasant odours caused by bacteria, prevents fungi proliferation and extends the life of the mattress. In addition to guaranteeing stability and duration of the product, these treatments ensure excellent hygiene over time.