Pillow Top Plus – REMovable

Somnium, since its foundation synonymous with style, design and quality, writes an important new chapter of the “Made in Italy” manufacturing excellence: Pillow Top Plus - REMovable®, the new way to make mattresses.

Perfect air permeability to avoid stagnation of natural body perspiration.
Exceptional comfort and thermo-regulating properties.
Removable cover.

The manufacturing of mattresses with the pillow top system, originating in the United States, has been re-invented and further developed by Somnium thanks to new technology (patent n. 102016000021487) called Pillow Top Plus - REMovable®, which in addition to exceptional comfort and thermo-regulating properties, provides incredible features for sleep quality and mattress durability:

  • perfect air permeability allows for the dispersal of natural body perspiration and excess heat;

  • a totally removable cover makes washing it easy, ensuring a high level of hygiene and therefore a healthy sleep environment and a longer service life.

One of the several artisanal processes
necessary for the manufacture
of PillowTop Plus - REMovable®

Covers of our mattresses equipped with Pillow Top Plus - REMovable® are entirely handmade. Our specialized artisans handcraft them with extreme detail in a process that requires 31 distinct production steps.
Somnium guarantees its demanding customers an advanced mattress, made with high-end materials by skilled hands, a product with unique fine details, certified and capable of delivering the best quality of sleep.