Anti-dust mite fibres

This new fibre is not only hypo-allergenic, but it also has an inorganic active ingredient capable of drastically reducing the dust mite population, the main cause of many forms of allergies, guaranteeing a healthy and peaceful sleep.

Tests performed by independent laboratories (Laboratoire T.E.C. – Techniques Environnement Consultants, France) have shown a 100% reduction in the number of dust mites after six weeks (corresponding to two reproductive cycles in the climatic conditions of the test).

Unlike what often happens after chemical treatments, no skin rashes are caused by this material. All tests performed showed compliance with the human and environmental safety requirements currently in place. The dust mite repellent is permanently combined with the fibres to guarantee prevention of mite development even after multiple washings. These light and strong fibres offer a pleasant, even support with excellent resilience and a high degree of heat- insulation and breathability.