An ideal structure

Adapto: unity makes strength

the latest generation of high-tech spring mattresses. Adapto is a supporting and non-deformable foam applied as reinforcement to the perimeter of the mattress.An exclusive technological procedure allows Adapto to permanently consolidate the various components of the spring mattress core.

Uninterrupted and long-lasting comfort and performance throughout the surface

With Adapto, the sides of the mattress are reinforced, elastic and resilient... read more, creating the conditions for enhanced comfort. By balancing the dynamic nature of the coils, Adapto does not sink when the weight of the body is near the edge of the mattress.

The value of silence and aesthetics

Adapto ensures total noiselessness and durability of the mattress shape over time.

A guarantee for healthfulness

Adapto is air permeable, allowing therefore a good airflow through the sides of the mattress.... read more This guarantees a balanced micro-climate during sleep, a necessary condition for wellbeing.

Massaging Elastocell.
The pleasure of lying down

Elastocell is a layer of resilient, non-deformable foam with a dense convoluted surface. On a twin mattress, this pattern creates around 1,300 raised contact points, varied in shape in different zones of the mattress, according to the different needs of the body.

A massage that you can feel

Elastocell gives an effective relaxing and regenerating massage, beneficial for the muscles.

Differentiated support

The convoluted surface with differentiated support provides specific... read more and optimal support for the shape of our body.

Conditions for a healthy sleep

Elastocell creates spaces inside the mattress in which air can... read more flow freely. The natural humidity perspiring from the body is more easily transferred to the outside and not withheld.

Environments hostile to the proliferation of microorganisms
Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic
Anti-microbial and hygienic

Isotex wear-resistant protection.
An insert protecting the mattress and keeping it efficient

Isotex protection is made with fibres that are needle- punched (intertwined using needles) and heat-set. They provide a suitable mechanical insulation between the coils and the other components of the mattress. They are adaptable and soft in pocketed springs mattresses. They are instead much tougher, to guarantee durability and comfort, in Bonnell springs mattresses. Isotex wear-resistant protections allows the body’s humidity to evaporate, guaranteeing a constant and pleasant microclimate.