January 30th 2022
New trends in bedroom furniture 2022
How should I furnish my home in 2022? Get all the latest news and trends in furniture and renovate the style of your home.

New fashions and trends come along every year, and these give us the incentive to change and revitalise our day-to-day life.
There are those who decide to start a new business, those who manage to overcome bad habits, and those who seek change by reorganising their furniture. For the latter, restyling the home, or parts of it, is a very sensitive area and one to be approached with extreme caution, especially if those parts of the home affected have a strong impact on our well-being, especially the bedroom.

Let’s take a look at the latest trends in bedroom furniture that are coming up in 2022.

The colours of the bedroom

2022 has a little something for everyone, with shades of colour that cater to completely different tastes and requirements.
First of all, it must be emphasised that, regardless of the current trends, the colours you chose must, first and foremost, make you feel at ease and have a positive influence on your mood.
But let’s see what the latest trends in interior design suggest.

For those who love neutral and delicate tones, beige, sage, grey, cream and peach will be your guru colours. In their pastel versions, these shades create a deep feeling of relaxation and can be used both for the walls of the room and for the furnishings and fittings.


If, on the other hand, audacity is your distinguishing characteristic, and you are looking for a colour that will dramatically change your bedroom, navy blue and emerald green will bring new vitality to your sleeping quarters. Combined with each other, or with other warmer shades such as pink or orange, they will give your room a completely new look.


Trending materials 

From the previous year, the trend for using natural materials for furniture, such as wood, ceramics, and glass, for warmth and security, continued into 2022.

Wood is the undisputed champion of materials which, thanks to its versatility, can be used for a wide range of purposes, from flooring to wall panelling, furniture and cabinets. The result will be a cosy and comfortable bedroom in which you can relax, thanks to use of materials that create a soothing and warm ambience.

What you definitely need, according to the furniture trends of 2022

The New Year also brings new trends and tastes in the type of furniture or ornaments for the bedroom.

Rattan stands out: inspired by nature and bringing warmth and softness to any room, this material will be popular in the furniture of 2022. Its uses are manifold: from the headboard of the bed, to furniture, bedside tables, and bookcases. It will light up the room and create a more comfortable and cosy atmosphere.


As for the bed, the large headboard is back in vogue. Imposing, clearly visible, and almost the focus of the entire room, the headboard has become a decorative item that can express the personality of the whole room and become the room’s centre of attention.


The beginning of the year is always a good time to set new goals and to search out something new. Be inspired by these 2022 furniture trends and revolutionise your bedroom, for a more relaxed, serene, and all-enveloping sleep experience.