December 20th 2021
A ranking system to measure quality and value of each mattress

An exclusive ranking system has been developed by the Consortium of Italian Manufacturers of Quality Mattresses for its members. Starred Quality is a detailed and innovative system that help you truly understand the overall quality of your mattress.

For example, Somnium’s Adhara is a mattress certified by the Consortium and it obtained 6 stars with Starred Quality. Adhara’s core is made with techno-polymer springs immersed in independent foam cells.

Somnium by Imaflex is focused on achieving the highest quality in all aspects of its business. It’s an articulate idea, encompassing every activity, from initial design to product manufacturing and delivery. It’s not by chance if the company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 by DNV, an international certifying body.

Imaflex guarantees compliance with a consistent, high quality standard through careful planning, selection and supervision of suppliers and production processes, and execution of tests and checks (on the end product, raw materials, components and operations). Somnium products are a perfect mix of creativity, R&D, project management and style. They embody a further step forward in the company’s goal to offer a diverse and customized offer. To conclude, Somnium is an example of Italian excellence, and we can proudly place both the “made in Italy” label and the Consortium’s Quality Trademark on all of our mattresses.