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Anti-dust mite fitted cover made of Amicor™*

GBed accessories produced with fabrics containing this “smart” fibre are capable of disrupting the life cycle of dust mites, the cause of an increasing number of health problems in the home environment. Amicor* is a radical, non-aggressive solution to the problems caused by this parasite. Fabrics with Amicor* have an anti-mycotic function that prevents the proliferation of fungi, disrupting the life cycle of dust mites. Moreover, they conduct an anti-microbial action that protects fabrics from the unpleasant odours created by the presence of bacteria. In addition, the extremely high-quality of the fibre, the prolonged feeling of freshness and incredible comfort fully satisfy the most important requirements and demands of modern consumers. In the very structure of its fibre, Amicor* contains a skin-safe additive: the internal core of the yarn acts as a storage that slowly releases just the right amount of anti-mycotic and anti-bacterial substances in an intelligent manner. Amicor* has been designed to last as long as the products in which it is used. Its effectiveness persists even after two hundred washes and it’s not depleted over time.The elasticized fabric and fitted corners make this product extremely practical with a perfect mattress fit. Can be dry cleaned or washed in water at 60°C.