March 28th 2023
The mattress Miram is now 6-stars certified
Ergonomic, comfortable, and ideal to prevent bedsores

The mattress Miram received 6 stars for its Starred Quality evaluation because it’s ergonomic, comfortable and ideal to prevent bedsores. 

Miram is built with a unique support structure made of techno-polymer springs, providing high mechanical resistance, immersed in variable density foam cells. This mattress is designed to closely adapt to the body shape.

Miram’s remarkable ergonomic qualities have been confirmed by several tests that measure the mattress’ pressure on each area of the human body.

These are Miram’s main features:

  • ergonomic support, thanks to the synergy between techno-polymer springs and foam cells, ideal to support all body shapes;
  • great internal ventilation due to the cell structure;
  • progressive comfort: softer touch on the Pillow-Top surface, firmer body support from the internal core;
  • dust mites resistant paddings;
  • removable cover and easy to maintain;
  • antibacterial and dust mite repellant cotton fabrics;
  • 3D fabric padding embedded in the cover, to improve dispersion of heat and humidity generated by the user while sleeping;
  • elegance and craftmanship;
  • Certified Class 1 Medical Device. The purchase of the mattress Miram is tax deductible according to the EU Regulation 2017/74/UE on medical devices.
  • Miram complies with UNI 10707 and successfully passed the duration and resistance tests in compliance with UNI EN 1957 regulation, even considering the stricter standards required by the Consumer Protection Quality Certification.

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