Aquapure Soya®: the latest evolution of Aquapure®

Aquapure Soya®: the latest evolution of Aquapure®, the innovative product by Somnium, an industry leader that has always been focusing on wellbeing and quality of sleep.

Design to guarantee top performance in terms of ergonomics, breathability, ease-of-use and hygiene, Aquapure® mattresses now reaches new heights with the incredible Soya® line, which uses a completely natural material made from soy. The foam core inside the mattress does not contain any fossil polymers; the compound uses instead renewable and non-polluting resources.

These products are part of our commitment to sustainability, but also to uncompromising wellbeing. It’s the perfect mattress to feel surrounded by nature and enjoy its benefits: this foam ensures the best physical and mental wellbeing, letting you rest your body and your mind.

Aquapure Soya® mattresses are ergonomic and have different comfort zones that better support your back, shoulder, spine, hips and legs. They also come in several firmness levels (that suit all needs). The foam core is designed to improve air circulation within the mattress. The hypo-allergenic cover and padding is removable and washable.

Sleeping well is fundamental for our health: while we sleep, our body solidifies our memories, recharges our energy and repairs damaged tissues. It’s a natural process that we forget too often and that we instead should protect. Somnium launched this natural product to help you recover in tune with nature and gift you a dream rest.